A Special Members Bulletin

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In preparation for our upcoming Special Membership Meeting we would like to provide you with a brief information sheet to ensure you are aware of the proposed changes to our By-laws and any regulations.  Click Here to view the information sheet.


Dear NLN.ON Member,  

Notice of NLN.ON Special Membership Meeting

  On behalf of the NLN.ON Board of Directors I am hereby calling a Special Membership Meeting to consider an important Bylaw amendment to our membership categories. 

Date: September 23rd, 2016

Time: 9:00AM

Location: 1 Concorde Gate, Toronto ON M3C 3N6

Background   Over the past year the NLN.ON has continued to receive a large number of requests for an additional membership category, not linked to RNAO membership. There are a significant number of senior nursing leaders who very much wish to continue to support the NLN.ON but do not wish to join the RNAO for a variety of reasons.   The drop in our overall membership numbers via fees paid through the RNAO has accordingly dropped significantly over the past several years due in part but not entirely to the required RNAO registration affiliation (approximately 20%). We have also experienced a significant decline in conference fees, primarily in the ticket category of NLN/RNAO members. An analysis of our past two year’s financial performance reveals a decline of nearly $20,000 as a result, a trend we cannot afford to continue.   On April 1st of this year the Board raised the matter at its 2016 AGM and received very strong support from those in attendance to develop a new membership mechanism which would help to address this challenge.   It should be recognized that the NLN.ON Board continues to support the RNAO and encourages our membership to still consider active membership in both groups.   Attached to this letter are some key documents for your consideration. 1. The Proposed Bylaw Amendment to Bylaw #1 (Click Here)   The recommendation is to include a new category 5.2(b) called “Sustaining Member”.             Membership dues for the new category of “Sustaining Member” would be paid directly to the NLN via an online portal on our website.   We are currently contemplating a cap of 100 members in this new category (approximately 10% of our membership, subject to further Board review). 2.Proxy Form (Click Here)   Naturally we hope that as many members as possible can attend this special members meeting however that is a challenge getting to mid-town Toronto on a weekday morning so we have enclosed a Proxy form for your convenience.     You have two options for completing this form A. You can sign Section “A” naming the NLN.ON Board Secretary (Karen Ellis-Scharfenberg) as your proxy representative, and indicating how she can cast your vote. OR B. You can complete and sign Section “B” which allows you to specify another name (member) who would then cast your vote in person.   Option B does require that the proxy holder attend the meeting in person.   Note: A 2/3 majority of the votes cast in person or by proxy will be required to successfully pass the amendment.   If you are unable to personally attend, you can return your completed proxies to the NLN.ON office either by Fax or scan/email to;   Fax: 416-426-7280 Scan/Email: Jessica Kerr, Administration                          jessica@firststageinc.com   I encourage all of our members to get involved with this process. If you are able to join in person please refer to the map (Click Here). We are located in midtown Toronto near the intersection of the Don Valley South and Eglington Ave East. There is ample parking immediately across from the building. Signage in the lobby will direct you to the meeting.   Light refreshments will be available and the Board will also have an open conversation and discussion with those in attendance about the NLN.ON’s plans, and upcoming activities.   To help us with estimated numbers, if you are planning to attend in person please RSVP your intentions to jessica@firststageinc.com.   I look forward to meeting many of our members on September 23rd.   Thank you,   Judy Shearer President, NLN.ON


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