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Promotional Video

NLN.ON is proud to launch their new promotional vide. Please take a look and tell us what you think! You can e-mail reg1@firststageinc.com.


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 A Special Members Bulletin

On behalf of the NLN.ON Board of Directors there is a Special Memebership Meeting to consider an important Bylaw amendment to out membership categories. For more information Click Here.


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RNAO's Media Awards

Each year the NLN.ON awards up to $8,500.00 in research scholarships and educational bursaries. We encourage all nurse leaders involved in research, or contemplating continuing education to consider applying. (NLN.ON Education Awards are only available to Members)


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The Nursing Leadership Network of Ontario (NLN.ON) is your voice for nursing leadership in Ontario. NLN.ON works collaboratively with RNAO in providing and shaping the support needed by nurse leaders and administrators in the province. NLN.ON is committed to linking strategically with nurse leaders across the province in order to influence the future direction of health care.



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